It’s all about results….

Dogwood understands the needs of senior executives as well as the organizations who need senior executives. We take as much time as is needed to discuss and fully understand your needs, your challenges and your culture– whether you’re an executive looking to make a move, the Chairman of a Search Committee, or a CEO looking to find another key member of your C Suite. We’re responsive, we’re ethical and we’ve been doing this for organizations of all types and sizes since 2001.

We’re based in Florida and are national in scope, with specialists (led by Dr. Damion Campbell, below) across the US who know how to get results for our clients. We’ve placed CEOs, CIOs, CFOs, CTOs (and other senior roles such as Chief Compliance Officers) and we’ve done so in a range of industries to include technology, healthcare, engineering and not for profits.

We work on a contingency basis or retained search basis (depending upon the complexity of your needs), ensuring that you only pay for what you use. (We have a simple and easy paperwork process, too- how many executive search firms do you know that use a one page agreement written in plain English?) The people we present for your review come pre-evaluated against your requirements and culture, and of course, are ready to go to work!

We respond quickly– and with a plan

You need someone that will respond to your fast-changing needs who understands this process and can quickly adapt and respond to requests. Our ability to immediately respond are what we’re all about– our Managing Director is a former member of the US military prior to work in corporate America (including leadership roles) and we know how to get things done for our clients in a hurry.  Learn more here.

We conduct searches using a detailed search plan, with clearly defined steps and a clearly defined timeline, which will be discussed and approved by you before work commences.

We work with organizations of all sizes and complexities and have a track record of success. We suggest you review what some of our clients, colleagues and placements have to say about us via our testimonials page.

Dogwood is a diverse supplier (our Managing Director is a disabled veteran) and we understand just how powerful diversity is during a candidate search and how a diverse workforce can help any organization. Learn more about our commitment to diversity .

Full transparency- and results!

As a veteran-owned business, we practice full transparency with our clients, our employees, and business partners.  We’re ethical, we’re experienced, and we know how to take ownership of client problems. Our clients include companies of all sizes across the US- including the Fortune 50.  Why?  Because we get results!

Want to discuss your particulars, or learn how we may be able to help you? We keep all inquiries in the strictest confidence. Contact our Team Lead, Damion Campbell, AuD, CNIM Tampa, Florida (305) 519-0781