If you need aviation & aerospace talent, call Dogwood.  Our Managing Director (former US Army) is a commercially-rated multi-engine pilot who also serves on the Board of Directors of a Florida airport, where he serves as the airport’s FAA Liaison, as well as working closely on a daily basis with aviation vendors, specialists and professionals across the country. Our team includes people who have many years experience in high-end aviation and aerospace roles- you don’t have to explain things to us!

Because of the database of people we know, we can oftentimes provide you with “early industry insights” as you seek to enter new markets, open new offices or branch out in new directions.

We help clients to bring talent to your team that not only meet your needed qualifications, but we’ll work to ensure they fit well into your culture. We’re based in Florida (an aviation “Mecca”), but are national in scope, with specialists in this space who know how to get results in a short amount of time. We work most projects on a contingency basis. We have a simple and easy paperwork process, too. And because we work primarily on a contingency basis, we’re focused on getting results for our clients.

The people we present for your review have already been interviewed, screened (to your specifications) and evaluated against your requirements.

We respond quickly.

Veteran Led Business

Our ability to immediately respond is what we’re all about– our owners are former members of the military, and we know how to get things done for our clients in a hurry. From direct hire to large projects, from one person over the short-term to long-term outsourcing, to specialized personnel or anything in between.  We work with companies of all sizes and complexities.

Full transparency- and results!

We practice full transparency with our clients, our employees, and business partners.  We’re ethical, we’re experienced, and we know how to take ownership of client problems. Our clients include companies of all sizes across the US- including the Fortune 50.  Why?  Because we get results!