finance services

If you need finance and accounting leadership or expertise, call Dogwood.  We’ve helped companies of all sizes (and federal agencies) to obtain the finance & accounting people and services that they need and to put them to work on projects of all sizes and complexities and in a range of industries.

We’re national in scope, with specialists in this space who know the ins and outs of finance, who know finance Human Resource requirements, who know finance technology, and at the end of the day, who know how to get results. We can help you find people of all skill sets, certifications, education levels, experience levels and at virtually any stage in their career.

From direct hire to large projects, from one person over the short-term to long-term outsourcing, to specialized personnel or anything in between.  We work with companies and non-profits of all sizes and complexities. Our largest client is a member of the Fortune 10.

We and the people we place are well versed in regulatory compliance as well as privacy and security laws in a wide variety of industries and markets.  The people we provide will be interviewed, screened and of course, ready to work when they arrive on-site — or if you prefer, to work off-site. 

You only pay us for our results. There is no risk in working with us. The people we find for you will be carefully screened and interviewed by us before we send them your way for your review. They will be vetted and matched against your requirements, environment and needs, are ready to interview, and ready to go to work! Working with us is easy, too. We use a simple one-page client engagement letter and a two page agreement written in plain English.

We are veteran-owned and veteran-led. We’re ethical, transparent, and know how to take ownership of your problems and help you resolve them as quickly as possible. We work well under pressure, we know how to listen, we know how to plan our work each day. We don’t take shortcuts, and we treat our clients with the highest levels of professionalism and respect.

We get results. In a blind Dunn & Bradstreet client survey, our clients ranked us in the 98th and 99th percentiles in areas such as reliability, quality, personnel, client support and responsiveness. That sort of score is an “A+” in anyone’s book.