Why Dogwood? What’s our real value proposition?

There are better paths to finding top talent– and Dogwood follows those paths.  Day in and day out, we will spend more time and energy in our efforts to fill each role, rather than taking shortcuts.  We are loyal to our clients and we use our many years of experience in this space to help our clients to build more value for their own organizations.  

Our methodologies produce the following results:

  • Significantly faster time to hire.
  • We don’t wait for people to call us– we specialize in searching for, finding and bringing to bear the very top talent, who may not even be looking for a job– not simply posting openings on job boards.
  • We manage our own extensive database of talent (modified daily!). Our database, married to the above proactive approach, is in large part of how we supply so many “Rock Stars” for our clients.
  • We match experience, education and salary level for our clients (of course!), but we also seek to ensure we have a good cultural match. This helps ensure a good fit and improves retention.
  • While interviewing, we craft more powerful arguments about the value of your company. We also identify champions to help us to convince the top performers who are hesitant to make a change.
  • We bring real-time market intelligence from the rest of the marketplace regarding compensation and other key information to help our clients make informed decisions.
  • We create on-going interaction with future candidates through market updates, newsletters and blogs, bringing value to our relationship with them.
  • We build campaigns to connect with future candidates.
  • We talent map – proactively identifying valuable future talent.
  • We talent scout – letting our clients know about exceptional talent regardless of current needs.
  • We have built a network of trusted recruiting partners across the USA and in similar industries to help us fill the most challenging positions.
  • We consult with our clients on a strategic basis to identify novel solutions to vexing problems.
  • We streamline the hiring process through Project Timelines, Candidate Comparison Matrix, and other tools that minimize management hours per hire. This shortens your hiring cycle.
  • We’re veteran-owned and veteran-led.  We put to work what we learned in the military about teamwork, accomplishing what we set out to do and looking out for our clients– in a transparent manner.

Now you know why our clients have placed us in the 98th and 99th percentile– RESULTS!