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Looking for some tips to help you “knock it out of the park” during your interview? Here are some practical tips based on past experience conducting our own interviews as well as working with both hiring managers and candidates:

  • Do your homework. Even just a half hour spent on their website can really help you win a new role. But keep going. An extra half hour digging deeper elsewhere (news articles, annual reports, LinkedIn profiles, etc) is even better.
  • You only get one chance to make a great first impression. Arrive fifteen minutes early, dress conservatively, and make good eye contact.
  • As you begin, ask how much time they have allotted for the interview. Most people appreciate candidates who respect their time.
  • Have some questions prepared, especially about what needs to be accomplished in doing the job as well as some of the overall team goals. (Yes, there are “dumb” questions. You will be judged based on the questions you ask.)
  • Keep the conversation two way. But don’t oversell yourself, and don’t talk too much.
  • Relax and be pleasant. A little bit of humor or wit is allowable, but no jokes.
  • Create chemistry between you and they. (Did you do your homework on the people conducting the interview as recommended above? This will help.)
  • Compliment the company where compliments are due. But just a bit, or they’ll think you’re trying too hard.
  • As much as possible, answer questions with your actual accomplishments in previous roles, perhaps with a few mild anecdotes. Remember: superstars don’t just work at jobs; superstars accomplish.
  • Be ready to answer this question: “Why should we hire you?” A succinct answer with three or four bullet points is usually just about right.
  • Be ready to answer these two questions: “What’s your greatest strength? What’s your biggest weakness?
  • Don’t be modest about accomplishments, but know when to stop talking and listen.
  • Don’t be shy– ask for the job.
  • Asking “What’s the next step?” is always good. It tells them you’re on top of things and that you’re seriously interested. If you can get a verbal offer and shake hands while you’re there, them by all means seek to do so.
  • Send a follow on thank you note– even if they told you they’ve decided to move in another direction with another candidate. (Who knows? They may come back a few months from now and decide to hire you!)

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