Software Services

It’s not just about coding

Dogwood engineers work with suites of cutting-edge technology tools and services and your stakeholders to help enhance your software development and implementation lifecycle and to identify and mitigate software risk, using the most up to date methodologies.

Our corporate clients (which include software companies, the Fortune 50 as well as mid-sized clients) have seen dramatic improvements in their projects by working with Dogwood.

We have direct relationships with several of the large software vendors (including SAP and IBM), giving us deep technical reach.  Our people help provide the tools, experience, leadership, maturity and focus needed to drive projects to successful completion.

Our range of experts are available as direct hires or “try before you buy” temp to permanent.   Put us to work for you today!  Our thin, transparent model works.

Leadership & Experience

We apply seasoned and successful project veterans on our engagements that use standards such as CMM Level 3, CMM Level 4, ISO 12207 & Agile, using SaaS, PaaS and Cloud.  Using industry-proven technologies and expert personnel, we help tackle the thorniest software issues and bring them back under control.

We provide a complete set of quality assurance (SQA) and testing services to ensure that your team will deploy and implement optimized, low-risk software. 

Want to learn more specifics about what we’ve done for others– and can potentially do for you?