We know supply chain– the people, technology and processes.

Supply Chain

We are an executive recruitment agency with breadth and depth of expertise in the supply chain / logistics industry.

As the founders and managers of our own joint venture logistics firm (Dogwood Logistics) we use our years of logistics experience to bring the right people with the right talents to our clients. This ensures that you obtain people with the skills, experience and vision you need to help move your company forward. We bring qualified candidates that other firms simply don’t know— including those who are not actively “on the market.”

We’re Dogwood, an experienced, veteran-owned (and veteran-led) company that has helped companies of all sizes to find the people they need since 2001. We’re national in scope, with specialists in this space who know how to get results.

We work with companies of all sizes, complexities (and cultures). We can recruit for you, provide temp-to-permanent (“try before you buy”) personnel, project personnel or outsourcing.

We respond quickly.

You need someone that will respond to your fast-changing needs who understand supply chain and logistics, and can quickly adapt and respond to your requests.

Veteran Led Business

Our ability to immediately respond is what we’re all about– our founders are former members of the US military (our Senior Partner is a retired US Air Force Logistics expert and our Managing Director is former US Army). Learn why this matters.

The people we provide will be interviewed, screened and of course, ready to work.   Our thin model ensures that you will receive a fast and competitively priced solution.

Team with a winner!

A Plus Rated

In a Dunn & Bradstreet survey among our clients, we scored an impressive 98%-99% in all categories— that’s an A+ in anyone’s book.

If you’re looking for a partner who focuses on simplicity, accuracy, and transparency, shares your passion for hard work and who wants to help you succeed, get us involved today!

Need to talk to a supply chain / logistics expert?

Larry Foster, Business Development Partner LinkedIn Profile 404.844.7395 larry.foster@dogwoodservices.com Larry has over 25 years’ experience in virtually all aspects of Supply Chain / Logistics, including E-commerce, Omni-Channel, Last Mile Fulfillment, D.a.a.S., Ship-from-Store, Enterprise Technology, Micro-Fulfillment, Final Block Delivery, S.a.a.S., Startups & Tech-Logistics. We invite you to learn more about how Larry and our team can significantly reduce your time to hire and find the “superstars” you need to move your team and your project in the right direction.