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Healthcare Services

Our Healthcare Value

Our team of healthcare and experienced business professionals is continuing to grow significantly, as is evidenced by our recently announced and significant teaming relationship with Credentia Healthcare Solutions, who have taken their strong background in meeting the demands for clinicians, physicians and healthcare systems- and marrying it with Dogwood’s background in healthcare systems, finance and administration support.

Dogwood’s healthcare team is diverse, and brings to our clients needed doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, healthcare experts as well as healthcare financial talent, healthcare systems and administrative talent.

We’re not just a recruiting and staffing firm– we’ve provided privacy and security consulting and services to some of the largest providers and health insurers in the world, as well as their federal and state regulatory agencies.

Dogwood understands the importance of ensuring that you be able to stay within a tightly controlled budget.  We have a full series of proven processes in place to bring results to bear on time, on budget and with a client satisfaction ranking that has placed us in the 98th and 99th percentiles.  (Details below.)

We’re national in scope, with specialists in this space who know how to get results.  From direct hire to short-term or long-term outsourcing, to specialized personnel or anything in between- we work well within the fast-changing healthcare industry.

We respond quickly- and at a competitive price.

Veteran Owned Business

You need someone that will respond to your fast-changing needs, who fully understands the challenges of healthcare and can quickly adapt and respond to requests in real time.

Our ability to immediately respond are what we’re all about.  Our owners are former members of the US Army and US Air Force, and we know how to get things done for our clients in a hurry- professionally, competently and with a minimum of fuss.  It’s been a key to our success for our healthcare clients. 

Learn more about why our military backgrounds matter.

    Our thin organizational structure ensures that you will receive a competitively priced solution.

A Plus Rated

Team with a winner!

In a Dunn & Bradstreet survey among our clients, we scored an impressive 98%-99% in all categories— that’s an A+ in anyone’s book.

If you’re looking for a partner who focuses on simplicity, accuracy, and transparency, shares your passion for hard work and who wants to help you succeed, get us involved today!

Give us a call at (703) 991-8285 or email us at

Our clients include the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the US Department of Veterans Affairs, national health insurers and providers. 

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