Dogwood Services Inc., 13194 US Hwy 301S, Suite 222 - Riverview (Tampa), FL 33578-7410

Experts in Talent Acquisition

Dogwood’s recruiting team is here to supplement your own efforts to bring the right talent to your team.  Our recruiting services are designed to get people hired quickly and efficiently.  Our thin and transparent model saves you time – and money.

Veteran Owned. Veteran Led.

Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

  • Our diverse, dedicated, vertically-focused delivery teams ensure we focus on your immediate needs.  This gets you better candidates more quickly.
  • Our network of talent is deep and wide.
  • We know how to quickly dig deep into job requirements and your organizational culture.
  • Our reputation is on the line, and we send you the top candidates.  We won’t waste your time.
  • Research has shown that top-tier external recruiters like Dogwood typically produce the highest quality candidates.  This is why companies with their own in-house recruiters turn to Dogwood.
  • We’re contingency based.  We get paid for results.
  • Ours is an open and transparent process, and our work comes with a guarantee.

Here’s Our Value Proposition

  • We’re results-oriented!  We were ranked in the 98-99th percentile in a blind survey by our clients.
  • Fast response times.  We have highly tuned processes in place for finding people and are known for fast response.
  • Lean operations.  This keeps costs down and response times up.
  • We know your Industry.  No need to educate us.  Our people are experienced in your industry.  They know their stuff. 
  • We keep our word.  No hidden agendas, no surprises.  It’s why we have such a high retention of clients, employees and business partners.
  • Veteran-owned.  Dogwood is a Vietnam-era Veteran-owned small business; our leaders have both military and significant corporate America experience before Dogwood.  Learn what that means to you.
  • Experience.  We’ve been doing this since 2007, and our leadership team has over sixty years combined experience.


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