About Dogwood Services

Our founder is a service-disabled US Army Veteran with over twenty years in corporate America including senior roles in networking, enterprise software and professional services. Thanks to his deep experience in all aspects of the tech sector, Dogwood provides its clients with the widest range of recruiting and outsourcing services.  (Our sister company, Dogwood Management Partners is focused on government services.)  We are a registered and recognized diverse supplier.

In our earliest days, our primary focus was results-driven cyber security services, and have expanded our offering to support a full range of projects and clients and industries.   A complete listing of past performance capabilities is available upon request.

We have used our past abilities and experience to build a robust recruiting services offering to our clients. In addition to being a diverse supplier, we have a track record of providing a diverse talent pool to our clients.

We get results. Our Dunn & Bradstreet Past Performance evaluation (as rated by our existing clients and business partners) placed us in the 98th and 99th percentile in ALL areas.  Our leadership team has over 80 years of combined government experience. Our Managing Director and Founder, as well as many members of the team, are former members of the US military.

What sets us apart?

  • Values.  We’re an ethical company that doesn’t take shortcuts.  It’s our stated goal for our clients, business partners and employees to find working with Dogwood to be refreshingly different.
  • Transparency.  We have nothing to hide from anyone, and our thin (and transparent) business model makes it easy to do business with Dogwood.  This leads to faster results and lower costs for your project.
  • Experience.  You don’t need to educate us on how to work in your environment; we have mature business processes focused on working with multiple industries and a leadership team highly experienced in projects, processes, methodologies and standards.