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The following testimonials were provided to Ross Statham (Dogwood’s Managing Director) on his LinkedIn profile regarding work performed by he and the Dogwood team.

Watch this space for additional LinkedIn & other testimonials from Ross and other members of the team!

Dogwood is a service-disabled Veteran Owned Small Business


“Ross is simply as good as it gets. First of all, if he says he’s going to do something, you can write it in stone – it will be done. 

“Secondly, his ability to connect with people and understand their position is exemplary. Ross is the ultimate blend of integrity and talent.”

Jim Anderson, CEO, FlexAlarms


“Working with Ross has been a pleasure. He’s a straight arrow who provides great leadership to his team.

“I never have to guess what his expectations are, and he provides timely and valuable feedback when it’s needed.”

Susan Brunson, Managing Partner, Adrisan


“Ross Statham is a consummate professional and visionary industry leader. A man of unquestioned integrity and contagious positive outlook, collaborating and working with Ross over the past 15 years has been a distinct privilege for all of us at HarborSite and for myself personally.

“His entrepreneurial spirit has profited us both professionally and his friendship continues to be even more rewarding. Ross Statham has my strongest possible recommendation.”

Daniel Bornarth, Booz Allen Hamilton (former CEO, HarborSite)


“I have worked with Ross and his team on numerous occasions over the past three years. His dedication to the effort and his/our client’s success is beyond reproach. His innovative approach and ability to think outside the box is always a real benefit to every challenge.

“I look forward to working with him in the future and highly encourage other entities to engage him and the other professionals at Dogwood.”

John Moore, Senior Vice President, Technical & Project Engineering (“TAPE”)


“I have worked with Ross and the Dogwood team since 2017. Over our time together I have seen Ross exemplify leadership, open communication and a willingness for team success.

“But what’s truly awesome is Ross remains personable and approachable, in the midst of uncertainty and doesn’t mind sharing a bit of life behind Dogwood to bring a little light into your day. No matter the endeavor, I know Ross has the experience and resources to deliver with customer service at the forefront.”

Claudia Pilgrim, Business Intelligence Architect, Capital Consulting Group


“It is a pleasure working with Ross on the Dogwood team… Ross is ALWAYS readily available and willing to assist with any administrative tasks, questions, comments, or concerns.

“Ross’s consulting and recruiting knowledge are complimented by his phenomenal leadership skills. I absolutely look forward working with Ross and the rest of the Dogwood team.”

Damion Campbell, Senior Clinical Neurophysiologist, NuVasive Clinical Services


“We’re impressed with Dogwood’s ability to deliver. They may be a small company, but they consistently give us large company results. ”

Michael Lin, President
LinTech Global, Inc.


“Ross is the model servant leader; continuously uplifting his team, collaborators, and clients through empathy, focused attention, and sound advice.

“Ross provides critical analysis and keen insights for his clients, always functioning as a trusted advisor while focusing on empowering both strategic and tactical decision making to ensure client success.”

Shane Liptak, Founder, Hawkstone Cyber


“From the very first day of introduction Ross has proven to be the consummate professional and communicator.

“Ross possesses the traits of a winner and qualities of a high level leader and he has a seem less way of providing reassurance that encourages. I look forward to continued comradely with Ross and Dogwood.”

Larry Foster, VP & Venture Capitalist – Strategic Alliance (Supply Chain)


“As a start-up small business owner, Ross provided me highly valuable advice that helped me grow my business.

“As a business mentor and partner, I have the greatest respect for Ross’s common sense and his ability to foster strong business relationships with everyone he works with.

“If you have the opportunity to work with Ross, I highly recommend him and the Dogwood Team. They are a pleasure to work with.” David Cooke, CEO, Forge Forward Inc.


“We turned to Ross for help on a difficult search that was in his area of expertise rather than ours.

“Ross and his team jumped on it and delivered. You can count on him – his word is solid and his work is exceptional.”

Terry McNabb, Managing Partner, Zenith Search Partners


“I was introduced to Ross a year ago and he has been a pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Ross and his firm.

“He is trustworthy, honest, and direct and to the point. I look forward to working with Ross as a Collaborative Partner.”

Tony Land, Executive Vice President, Ironclad Technology Services


“I have known Ross for many years. Ross is an exceptional professional with an amazing talent for helping customers navigate difficult problems.

“There has never been a time where I can say that Ross ever took any short cuts. He is a cut above the rest and a true master at what he does.”

Richard Fouke, CEO, Antietam Technologies Inc.


“I am delighted to write this recommendation to support a remarkable leader. I had the pleasure of working with Ross on several Federal projects in support of various IT programs.

“Throughout the execution of these projects, Ross always demonstrated great management and leadership skills which were greatly needed given the challenges and complexity of the work at hand. I hope that our paths will cross again!

Dr. Fabrice Djatsa, Information Systems Security Engineer, aXseum, Inc.


“I was introduced to Ross a year ago and he has been a pleasure to work with.

“I highly recommend Ross and his firm. He is trustworthy, honest, and direct and to the point. I look forward to working with Ross as a Collaborative Partner.”

Carey Rothbardt, Co-Founder & Talent Advisor, Staffing Together (Chicago, IL)

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